Climbing out of the cellar

March 2015

Ever so slowly, almost imperceptibly, I began to wonder if I was fading into my background, becoming unnoticeable by those who once knew me, shrinking from the three dimensional person that I once was into a thin flat shadow of an existence of my former self.  A thin vapor, like a whiff of smoke scattered with the slightest of effort by a quiet breeze, wafted my essence away into eternity, and I longed for the days of my youth where the anticipation of my future danced and glowed in front of me with hope, life and desire.  Was the magic in my life gone? Was this the reason that all of my latest endeavors took so long to be accomplished, if ever? Not only did all of the doors of opportunity seem closed, they appeared to have become increasingly scarce and vanished as I wandered through a maze of halls of my life. I felt so lost and wondered if I would ever find success again.

October 2015

As I reflected upon my life’s path, I realized that my muse is not disingenuous, does not give despair or torment but only goodness.  My stories are not meant solely for my entertainment . They are meant to be shared.  I feel that I’m much like the reluctant dwarf in the movie “Willow” who finds a human baby and is given the task to find and give the baby girl to a responsible person.

I am reminded that no matter how difficult the process or how tedious, I must forge ahead with my children, my stories and deliver them to their proper audience.


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