My own personal version of Ground Hog Day

I sort of feel like I’m caught in my own personal version of “Ground Hog Day” with a vague notion of what transpired in the past few days and weeks. The projects, repair jobs and tasks during last nine months have taken forever to complete.  Ideas and strategies materialize at a sluggish pace.  As if I was trying to jog in a chest high syrupy Jell-O; slowly I press forward.

So it is with this blog.

I just finished rereading Hemmingway’s THE SUN ALSO RISES and we’ll screen the 1957 adaption with Tyron Power, Ava Gardner, Errol Flynn and Eddie Albert in the next few days.  I’ve read that Hemmingway’s ‘Lost Generation’ fellow expatriates were the basis for the characters in this classic story, it would be interesting to research which of his friends were the basis for the different characters in the story.

Conversely I expect that many authors’ inspiration for their character’s traits come from personal introspection.  I can see various parts of myself in most of the characters in my stories.  Such is the case with my main character in The Littlest Dragon and the Princess.  The Littlest Dragon’s strongest trait is his persistence.  Once he has a goal he doesn’t give up.  In retrospect looking back at my life I wonder where the inspirations have come from but it was my persistence that them to reach completion.